The procedure and conditions for purchasing real estate in Mauritius according to the IRS program.


IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme)

This program was created in Mauritius in 2002, in virtue of the reorientation of the economy of Mauritius, where the Government focused on attracting foreign capital to Mauritius.

Under this program, and in accordance with the "Investment Promotion Law”, foreigners are allowed to buy elite world-class villas together with plots of land in freehold.

Villas and residences under the terms of the IRS program representresidential complexes with first-class real estate on a plot of land of at least 10 hectares which include:

  • High class leisure and commercial amenities and facilities intended to enhance the residential units. These may comprise of:
  • Golf course by world standards.
  • Health and sports institutions, SPA salons.
  • Hotels & Beach clubs.
  • Piers for pleasure boats.
  • Services for maintenance and cleaning of the territory.
  • Shopping malls & Restaurants.
  • Performing day to day management services such as security, maintenance, gardening, solid waste disposal for maintaining and cleaning the properties and its surroundings.


Who can become the owner of real estate in Mauritius under the IRS program:

  • Foreign buyer and members of the family.
  • Local Buyer
  • Local and foreign companies registered under the 2001 company act.
  • Trusts registered under the Financial Service Commission (F.S.C.).


Obtaining a Residence Permit when buying a property through the IRS program

A person who purchases real estate under the IRS program automatically acquires Permanent Residence in Mauritius for himself and his family (spouse, children), which is retained for as long as this property is in his possession.

When the property is bought by a legal entity, foreign company or trust, even if there are more than one shareholder or beneficiaries, only one of these beneficiaries and his dependants is entitled to the permanent residence permit. 

But, this permanent resident permit can be transferred at any time to another shareholder of the company or beneficiary of the trust by official notification to the Board of Investment.


Terms of purchase of real estate under the IRS program.

  • The minimum value of this property should be 500 000 US dollars. An additional registration fee of $ 70,000 is paid, but if the value of the property exceeds $ 1,400,000, the registration fee is 5% of the value of such real estate.
  • The currency of the acquisition can be both US dollars and any other freely convertible, however, the Board of Investment shall convert this currency at the current rate to the US dollar on the day of filing the application


The procedure for buying property through the IRS program.

  • First, a potential buyer (non-resident or non-citizen of Mauritius) who wishes to purchase real estate on the island, applies to the Board of Investment (BOI) in order to obtain consent to such a purchase. He has to fill a detailed application.
  • The Board of Investment considers this application, which requires a certain package of documents, after which, if all conditions are met, the Board of Investment approves the deal and the agency can further formalize the conclusion of a transaction for the purchase of real estate.


If the potential buyer is a foreigner, the following documents must be prepared and submitted to the Board of Investment of Mauritius.

  • Passport + national ID card. The document must be submitted in the original together with a notarized translation into English or French if it is in a different language.
  • Birth certificate. The document must be submitted in the original together with a notarized translation into English or French if it is in a different language.
  • A certificate of criminal record (Morality certificate) issued not earlier than 3 months before the filing of documents. It is also necessary to attach a notarized translation into English or French if document is in a different language.
  • A letter of recommendation from the bank that serves the buyer attesting of decency and good business reputation.
  • Medical documents that confirm the absence of dangerous and transmissible viruses, including Hepatitis C, HIV / AIDS, a conclusion on the state of health.

According to current legislation, family members of the buyer (spouse, children, and other dependants) also have the right to obtain the permanent residence permit and live in Mauritius, though the age of children cannot exceed 24 years.

To obtain a Residence Permit for family members of the buyer, each family member must provided the same documents as the buyer, excluding the letter of recommendation from the bank.

If the documents submitted by the buyer meet the conditions, the period for consideration of the documents by the Board of Investment should not exceed 30 days.

This material is provided for informational purposes and the list of documents may be changed.


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